About: A True Conservative On Progressive Prosperity

If you’re new here, you might start by reading the very first post, wherein my father opens his award-acceptance speech at an ACLU meeting with the words, “My fellow conservatives…”

One great way to get a feel for this blog is to wander through the “related posts” links at the bottom of each post. They’re automatically generated, but they’re uncannily good at finding related content.

Before I start talking about myself (everyone’s favorite subject), a commonly-asked question: why do I put so much stuff in bold?

Because it makes it easier to scan. I know it looks like SHOUTING, and it makes the reading choppier, but I’m willing to accept that if people can get the gist of a post quickly, and then decide whether they want to read more carefully. This is the web, and if others are like me, that’s how they read the web.

Back to me:

I started my professional life in book and magazine publishing. I was founding editor of Personal Publishing for several years (we sold it after a while and I moved on), and an editor and contributor for at least a dozen magazines over the years. I was a contributing editor to Macworld, Small Press, and other magazines for several of those years. I’ve written, edited, produced and/or packaged more than a dozen books, some in multiple editions and languages, with more than a million copies in print overall. Plus an untold number of articles.

I’ve been an equity partner and/or principal in several successful startups running to tens of millions of dollars, mostly in the fields of publishing and high-tech, and I spent nine years as CEO of Thunder Lizard Productions.

My partner and I sold TLP in 2000. You can read some about that here. Since then I’ve been pursuing assorted interests — occasionally remunerative but usually not — that generally involve acquiring graduate-school education without the encumbrances (or advantages) of graduate school.

I indulged the passion exemplified in my undergrad major (“Literature, Theory and Criticism”) by going deep in the Shakespeare scholarship dodge. You can see some of my published work at princehamlet.com.

Another research passion, most frequently revealed here, is for politics and economics. Others include evolutionary psychology and evolution in general, constitutional law, game theory, skiing (I got my pre-graduate degree ski-bumming for a couple of years back in the day), sailboat racing, and cooking.

I also have the almost unlimited pleasure of spending time with my two daughters — who are, quite simply, a laff riot.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at steve at this domain.