Democrats are Profligate Spendthrifts! Oh…Wait…

Damn I’m busy today. I came across yet another great Wikipedia page that I really had to share: National debt by U.S. presidential terms.

I’ll just share a little top-line data. There’s much more over there.

Average Increase, 1978-2005 Spending Debt GDP
Under Democratic Presidents 9.9% 4.2% 12.6%
Under Republican Presidents 12.1% 36.4% 10.7%

Who are the true conservatives here?

Feel free to snark at this table. It’s just one slice out of millions that are possible, quite possibly cherry-picked. But make sure to also take down all the evidence you’ll find here and in the ensuing links. (There’s really no way to spin the data any other way without spectacular efforts at cherry-picking and statistical contortion.)

Then come back and talk to me.



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