Letter: Smart Capitalists and Patriotic Millionaires Say Hike the Minimum Wage

The Agenda Project (which is behind Patriotic Millionaires, Top Wonks, and other progressive initiatives) is preparing an open letter supporting an increase in the minimum wage.

They’re looking for more signatories.


Dear Mr. President and Honorable Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives,

We are writing to ask you to put partisan differences aside to advance growth, prosperity and economic freedom by raising the minimum wage to at least $11.00 per hour and indexing it to inflation.

We make this request as business owners, employers and investors who are members of the so-called Top 1%.

We make this request for the following reasons:

1.       IT’S GOOD FOR AMERICAN BUSINESS.  Workers with higher wages are consumers with greater disposable income.  More customers with more money = higher profits for American businesses.

2.       IT’S GOOD FOR AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.  Minimum wage earners don’t make enough to support their families and as a result many rely on government programs to make ends meet.  A decent wage would increase the number of self-reliant Americans and decrease government expenditures.

3.       IT’S GOOD FOR AMERICA’S GLOBAL LEADERSHIP.   The US is the richest county in the world but its minimum wage significantly trails that of other developed countries.   In order to maintain its global leadership, the U.S. must ensure decent earnings for its working citizens.

Raise the minimum wage.

Thank you,

Smart Capitalists for American Prosperity

If you’re in that rarified company, your voice is incredibly powerful. Drop a line to Erica Payne (epayne at agendaproject.org) to add your signature. And if you know anybody who’s in that category, psssst: pass it on.

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