Oh Crap I Can’t Resist: Obama’s VP Will Be…


Because, the following seems very odd to me.

According to Steve Clemons at The Washington Note, the Obama campaign is either ignoring Clark or actively putting him at arm's length–he's supposedly not even attending the convention.

Odd because: Clark's clearly a Very Big Democratic Asset, and what Obama describes as one "inartful" comment doesn't change that.

And the Obama campaign certainly knows how to field their assets. They might not play him up a lot, but ignoring him or telling him to crawl in a hole? Doesn't make sense.

All of which suggests to me: an incredibly well-executed head fake.

But whaddo I know? I'm an inveterate wishful thinker.

Wishful because: I cast my mind forward two days, two months, and I imagine the campaign atmosphere with any of the first-tier VP prospects. What I experience in my imagination: a dull, dead, same-ol'-same-ol' feeling.

Then I imagine the atmosphere with Clark in the game. Maybe it's self delusion, but the feeling is electric. Those two on stage together? Yow.

Also, this.