Certain Regulars Will Find this Amusing

You know who you are.






9 responses to “Certain Regulars Will Find this Amusing”

  1. Ted K Avatar

    I’m pretty regular here, but this one has me totally miffed. Admittedly I am a little slow on the take sometimes. But I happen to be totally sober at the moment…. seems to be a takeoff off on WWJD–What Would Jesus Do. Then I run through some famous names in my mind, especially in the economics realm. JD—Jamie Dimon???? Maybe it’s only intended to be an inside joke, if so that’s fine. No harm done. I feel like I’m being a little slow though. Cheerio.

  2. Ted K Avatar

    what would stop Jamie Dimon???? I give up…..

  3. Asymptosis Avatar

    Sorry. Steve Jobs.

  4. Ted K Avatar

    PUKE. He’s getting more like Bill GAtes every day. He thinks his company memo/dictate is from God. IN short–he’s an asshole. I could go on to cruder things related to organs, but I’ll let it go.

  5. Ted K Avatar

    Sometimes I’m over-explanatory. But you needn’t explain/apologize Steve, I think I get you, and I hope you get me. It is funny, annoying, but funny

  6. Asymptosis Avatar

    @Ted K
    > It is funny, annoying, but funny

    Yeah. Both. Yeah, by all accounts he’s a complete prick. A brilliant prick, but…

  7. Ted K Avatar

    Long time no posty

    Enjoying Hanukkah with the family Steve??? That’s not a dig by the way. I told you before I’m a non-Jew
    “Jew-phile” if that makes sense. I tend to be caustic most the time, mix that with sarcastic good intentioned jokes which don’t transpose well on the internet and the occassional drink…trouble. and I like to tease with above average knowledge of Jewish culture (but just really a scratch of Jewish knowledge, and “Pop” Jewish culture knowledge at that).

    I’ve always felt that in actuality Hanukkah wasn’t deemed very important among Jews themselves, just away to fight conversion to Christianity and proselytizing of Christians to Jewish children during Christmas time…..

    Any thoughts on that Steve?? A two sentence answer or a full post would be very cool. Honestly curious.

  8. Asymptosis Avatar

    I’m about as secular a (half-) jew as they come.

  9. Ted K Avatar

    aaaaawww…. I know that Steve. But you must have some family memories. IT’s not that sickening is it man??? I really am honestly curious. I noticed you didn’t deny my goyim thoughts on Hanukkah. I’m willing to admit I’m wrong that Hanukkah isn’t important, but I have basically heard some Jews say the same thoughts outloud