Great Minds Think Alike: Obama on “Conservatives”

I say somewhat presumptuously, even audaciously.

Andrew Sullivan points out:

Obama in Time:

I was always suspicious of dogma, and the excesses of the left and the
right. One of my greatest criticisms of the Republican Party over the
last 20 years is that it's not particularly conservative
. I can read
conservatives from an earlier era–a George Will or a Peggy Noonan–and
recognize wisdom, because it has much more to do with respect for
tradition and the past and I think skepticism about being able to just
take apart a society and put it back together. Because I do think that
communities and nations and families aren't subject to that kind of
mechanical approach to change. But when I look at Tom DeLay or some of
the commentators on Fox these days, there's nothing particularly
conservative about them.

Emphasis mine.





2 responses to “Great Minds Think Alike: Obama on “Conservatives””

  1. Steve Broback Avatar

    I think many traditional republicans who consider themselves conservative would agree with this. There’s a lot of dissatisfaction by those on the right over the policies and actions of the last several years.

  2. Elizabeth Crum ("E!!") Avatar

    Looks like we are soulmates, in the blogging sense. LOL