I Balanced the Budget!

I cut the 2030 deficit by $2 trillion!

Or by $1.4 trillion — balancing the budget — without resorting to death panels or touching the Medicare budget that Republicans are fighting so hard to preserve.


Your turn.



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5 responses to “I Balanced the Budget!”

  1. Ted K Avatar

    (Doing my best Butthead, of Beavis and Butthead fame, imitation) Uuuuuuhh….. like dude, you rock……..

  2. Zara Avatar

    I’m too tired to do the math. What was your cut to revenue ratio?

  3. Ted K Avatar

    Alice Rivlin and old New mexico Senator Pete Deminici were on PBS today (NOV. 17) talking about the deficit with Judy Woodruff. I thought they made some super good points. I even found Pete Deminici somewhat likable in the interview, and I usually find him very annoying, You should try to download that segment of PBS NewsHour on the i-Tunes if you can. It is worth watching.

    Steve, YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS!!! (Wednesday Nov. 17) download on i-Tunes

    1. Asymptosis Avatar

      Ted, thanks. I went and read it instead — skimmed it actually, especially the charts and tables, printed for later reading.


  4. Asymptosis Avatar

    55/45 with the medicare cap, 70/30 without.