If you reject your gay child, there’s a 68% chance (s)he will attempt suicide

I’m completely, utterly at a loss as to how any person, any parent, could care that much about perceiving themselves as being morally correct.

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2 responses to “If you reject your gay child, there’s a 68% chance (s)he will attempt suicide”

  1. Steve Avatar

    To a lot of (wrong) people, it’s not about “moral correctness”, but an issue of eternal salvation or damnation. With the fear of Eternal Hellfire properly implanted, a lot of bad behavior can be rationalized during our short time on Earth.

  2. OWWHH Avatar

    Join the Ladies of OWWHH on Friday May 20th, 2011 as we discuss
    “My Child is Gay, Now What?”
    Have you ever wondered if your own child…wait for it…might be gay? If so, you’re not the first parent who has. As the gay community comes out of the closet, parents by the hundreds of thousands are discovering that they are the parents of gay youth. But the real question may be: How would you handle it if he or she were?
    Your world may seem to have turned upside down. You may feel absolutely devastated, bewildered, confused, angry and even guilty.
    You may start to ask yourself:
    What is happening to me? And to my child?
    Why did my child have to tell me?
    Is it my fault?
    Who recruited my kid?
    But the bible says this is a terrible sin!
    Isn’t homosexuality an unnatural perversion?
    Can my child be cured of homosexuality?
    Or you might even think It doesn’t matter if my child is gay. It makes no difference to me!
    Most parents are seeking comfort and reassurance that their child and their family will still be okay. And most are too embarrassed and scared to admit this secret to anyone; to reach out for that comfort.
    Parents are struggling with the inner decision to try to find a way to change the child or to accept them.
    Parents are feeling trapped between the love for the child and the teachings of their church.
    But how do you start doing either one? How can you accept something about them that your church, your family, your friends and possibly even yourself finds unbearable, immoral or indecent?
    New research suggests that gay, lesbian, and bisexual young adults from very rejecting families (as opposed to families who were neutral or mildly rejecting) are nearly six times more likely to have major depression and three to five times more likely to use illegal drugs or have unprotected sex.
    The fact is that you have begun a new chapter in life; a new process has begun. As a parent, you’ll need to seek support for yourself and for your child. Finding a way to accept your child and loving them goes a long way toward keeping them safe later on. Helping your child with problems of loneliness, isolation, harassment and discrimination is vital. Many gay youth suffer in silence. Even those youth that are “out’ to their parents, fail to inform parents of chronic harassment and discrimination problems at school.
    We know you are searching for comfort, answers, and a way to make sense of this.
    This can be a crisis or an opportunity, it’s all up to you!

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