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  1. Ted K Avatar

    That’s pretty wacked. Who did the counting, because I have a feeling like everything else in the Bible that one is up to debate. Of course the obvious answer for Christians to give is that God is the only one who can give life and therefor he is really the only one who can take it away. At least take away life in the sense that this graph is implying. Of course there’s suicide and murder humans do to themselves, but that gets into a tangled mess of if you want to blame that one individuals or some evil force. Obviously where this paragraph has taken me so far, you were very wise to put just one sentence and the graph.

    Here is one thing I can’t get as the stupid goyim/wavering Christian: Why are the Jews blamed for the crucifixion??? (and I know this is the last place you wanted to go with this Steve, but humor me). Really I mean, Judas was Jewish. OK that part is clear enough, and the high rabbi (Caiaphas) was Jewish, that’s clear enough also. But I mean the fact that they went to the Romans to get the dirty work actually done, doesn’t that speak to somehow the rabbis knew they were doing something wrong (I mean in their own conscience, not just others looking at them), or why not achieve that among themselves?? I mean by going to the Romans and asking, aren’t they also kind of “washing their hands” of the act and showing that they were in fact aware that there was something wrong with this act??? And then the thing most of these wackos (I mean like South USA racists when I say wackos) don’t get is that Jesus and the 12 (including Peter and Paul) were Jews, and yet it seems like we don’t get beat over the head with the fact Jesus and these 12 guys were also all Jews like we do with the old “Judas” thing. I think maybe you could argue it’s 51%/49% Jews/Romans thing. But I think basically it was a crime of the worldagainst this man, not any group.

    I can’t tell if what I said above is profound or so incredibly obvious it’s not worth stating. Anyway, thats the 2 cents of the stupid goyim (me) not very well read as he should be on religious topics…..

  2. Ted K Avatar

    When I said “this man” above I didn’t mean to imply Jesus was not the Son of God (which I think he probably was), only you know, that he walked here with us sometime in physical form. Usually I tell people I’m Christian, but the truth is I waver quite I bit. I tend to believe it though. 3 reasons: I think there is a lot of evidence and fact to support his existence. 2) a magician or snake oil salesman could not have stirred the world like this guy did, and I do believe the Old Testament (including Deuteronomy) supports Jesus as the Messiah, although again, I know many Jews would laugh and say Christians take those quotes out of the general Talmud context, especially the Isaiah stuff. I have heard Tovia Singer talk on this a few times, and although he states it very intelligently, I still think Tovia Singer is being a little “tribal” (only my opinion) in his refusal to see Jesus as Messiah.

  3. Ted K Avatar

    Torah I meant, not Talmud. I think I just precluded myself from ever discussing this topic again.