Is This Person Liberal or Conservative? In One Question.

The OK Trends blog on the OK Cupid dating site is pretty amazing. They pull all their hundreds of millions of pieces of data and suss out amazing facts about how people are, and how they interact. Here’s a beaut re: politics and ideology (Jonathan Haidt, take note):

The Best Questions For A First Date « OkTrends.




One response to “Is This Person Liberal or Conservative? In One Question.”

  1. Ted K Avatar

    You know frankly I don’t care a lot about where many people fall on the above issues. Everyone has certain biases, often which seem odd on the face of it, but when you look at their own individual background and experiences often end up being relatively logical. What gripes my ass and gripes my ass to no end is how Democrats aka “liberals” let Republicans aka “conservatives” highjack and control the political terminology. Lets see here: Saint Ronnie Reagan 1 time divorced, runs off with one of the better known Hollywood pin-cushions of the time Nancy Davis, has two children: one ends up an atheist (Ron Jr.) the other child ends up a Buddhist (Patti Davis, pretty in her youth, literate, but a head case if there ever was one). Newt “I’m a f*ckin’ megalomaniac” Gingrich: Divorced twice, married three times, openly cheats on at least one of the wives, leaves one with cancer and decides he wants to join the religion which frowns the most on divorces unless your last name is Kennedy and/or you have enough cash to pay for an annulment. And last but not least Rush Limbaugh, 3 times divorced 4 times married, whose current wife’s facial expression looks like she’s sucking a cucumber that’s been pickled for the last 2,000 years everytime she kisses the man.

    Shall we go one with the list of philandering Republicans/”conservatives”?? Nevada Senator John Ensign, Senators David Vitter of Louisiana, Larry Craig of Idaho, and John McCain of Arizona, and Congressmen Bob Livingston of Louisiana, Henry Hyde of Illinois,Vito Fossella of New York, Mark Foley of Florida, and Dan Burton of Indiana, and also former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani.

    Have I left anyone out??? Feel free to add to the list…. Conservatives??? They haven’t known what that word means for years, if not DECADES . Please!!!!!