It’s About the Money, Stupid, Not Principles

Dean Baker gets it totally right, as usual:

the Ryan plan will transfer tens of trillions of dollars from the middle class to the insurance and health care industries

The Republicans are not about small government; Reagan and both Bushes made it larger (and vastly expanded the national debt). Under the vast George dub expansion, the ‘pubs owned both houses of congress.

They just pretend to care about that as a rhetorical ploy to give cover for their wealth transfer agenda.

Incentives matter.

The Battle Is Over Money, Not Philosophy | Truthout.







One response to “It’s About the Money, Stupid, Not Principles”

  1. Ted K Avatar

    Mr. Dean was on PBS’s NBR about 10 days ago discussing Ryan’s pork project for Big Insurance companies. They had a political “righty” and Dean on side by side answering questions. The “righty” got about 10 minutes straight talk time and Dean got about 2 sentences in. I think Susan Garib was even nice enough near the end to mutter “Uuuh, you can answer this one Mr. Dean”. At that point, I was so moved by Miss Garib’s letting him answer a question after 10 minutes of ignoring him, I almost became verklempt.