McCain’s Steel Ceiling: Who Loves Ya, Baby?

As of today, has seventeen states going for McCain.

Check out how the electoral votes shake out on my friend Mike’s site (dark blue is >10% lead for Obama, lighter blue >5%, and so on; white is EVs from tied states):


There’s an almost flat line of almost impregnable red states. It may not take another generation before people in these states accept the fact that they lost the Civil War, but it may take another decade or two.

What doesn’t come across here: the small number of people represented by the small-state slanted electoral-college red vote. With the exception of Texas, those seventeen states are all quite small, population-wise. Total, 75 million people (one third of them in Texas). 25% of the US population.

In other words, they basically represent the number of wacko holdouts in this country who still believe George Bush is a good president.

Here’s a U.S. map with states scaled by population. It gives a good feeling for how small the Red Core really is (note that contrary to this map, Montana and North Dakota are currently tossups).