More on American Inequality and (Lack of) Opportunity

The data is in, again, some more (follow links to related posts, below, for much more): high inequality correlates with low opportunity to climb (or descend) the ladder.

The U.S.? Meritocracy resides elsewhere. (Think: Denmark.)

the United States is among the most unequal and the least mobile of the rich countries, with about 50% of a father’s earnings advantage (or for that matter disadvantage) being passed on to the son.

In Canada this is about 20%, less than half the US figure.

Inequality and Occupy Wall Street 5: decline of the American Dream « milescorak.






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  1. Olav Martin Kvern Avatar
    Olav Martin Kvern

    I’d thought that the Presidency of George W. Bush had ended this argument forever?



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