New Comment-Spam Filter for Asymptosis

I’ve gotten a few comments over the years that comments were getting bounced as spam — generally, it seems, because they contained URLs, or too many URLs.

I could never figure out why this was; according to its documentation, WP-Spam Free, the plug-in I’ve been using, doesn’t filter based on that. And I’ve found no settings in WordPress or any other plug-in related to this.

But I’ve just gotten a couple more such messages, and I gotta figure a fair number of other people have just gone away in frustration.

So I’ve switched to a new spam filter, Akismet. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties.

And yes: a spam filter is seriously necessary. WP-Spam Free has blocked >10,000 ads for Viagra, Cialis and the like over the years.






2 responses to “New Comment-Spam Filter for Asymptosis”

  1. jazzbumpa Avatar

    As requested, here is my spammed out comment, originally intended last night for “Who “Prints” Money? And Who Gets to Have It? It’s Up to The Banks”. (I also thought of doing this on my own.)

    There’s more here than I can attempt to digest in my current sleep-deprived and semi-coherent state. But your graphs are a dramatic validation for this comment I made Modeled Behavior this afternoon.

    (Brian commented ahead of me.) Rick Russell’s libertarian talking points are “interesting” as well. I see now that Karl has a series of posts on Cowan’s book.

    More homework in the days ahead.

    And check this out.