Staunch Conservatives Hate Trade, Prefer Chest-Thumping



Section 9: Foreign Policy and National Security | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.



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  1. Dave Raithel Avatar

    I spent some time earlier today trying to get my ahead around the whole Pew typology, as something(s) about it just left me … discombobulated. My first hint that something wasn’t right was – after taking the little short test to see where I fit – being classified as a Solid Liberal, only to see how often I was in the minority of Solid Liberals on specific topics. But I set that aside as just my personal discomfort being associated with brie and tofu eaters. Then I found this:

    If more than 1 in 3 people classified as “Libertarian” are willing to “Give up privacy for safety from terrorism” but less than 1 in 4 “Solid Liberals” would do so, then something is just wrong with the typology, or the names. All the more reason I tell people I am a Libertarian Communist….

    Pew needs more proofiness work on this ….

  2. Ted K Avatar
    Ted K

    Pew isn’t the worst of the polls. There are like 3 or 4 majors and Andrew Sullivan had a really super terrific post on the 4 polls about a year and a half ago or something. In which he showed a graph with the 4 polls compared, and you could see one of them was adjusting the numbers how they wanted them. I would kill to give you that link here, but I’m too damned lazy to hunt for it. The search functions for Sullivan’s old Altantic blog was horrid, really horrid. I think Atlantic did that on purpose because they kept trying to swipe Sullivan’s traffic from him, but I digress. Nate Silver (on his old 538, before he joined NYT) has also had some posts I think showing that at least one of those pollers is just a rubber stamp for Republicans on any result they’re willing to pay for.

  3. Ted K Avatar
    Ted K

    Brad Delong had a post up on Israel. I put some comments up (although I used strong sarcasm they were all factual) and they got blocked. Here is the thing—-I am Christian, I support Israel as the eternal home of the Jews. But I am very tired (to put it mildly) of Netanyahu’s utter disdain for America (a country without which many Jews wouldn’t have a home, and without which Israel would NOT function on a world map) and Israel’s insistence on holding themselves to different standards than what they hold others to. And I know not all Jews support the genocide in Gaza at the end of 2008 (Norman Finkelstein has been honest and extremely ethical in this respect, as was Richard Goldstone before I assume he was threatened and pressured by his countrymen, and extreme-right conservative Jews in America).
    See here:

    and Here:

    Maybe it’s a little “underhanded” of me to put this on Steve’s Site here, as it’s WAY off topic, and maybe Steve strongly disagrees with me, but I had to “vent” and I guess Steve wouldn’t block this, like Brad Delong blocks comments only for the sin of disagreeing with Delong’s opinions.

  4. Ted K Avatar
    Ted K

    The first link is in Negev, as the video tells. See if the men in black suits remind you of others who wore black uniforms from history.