Steve Martin: Atheists Just Sing the Blues

“Nobody ever wrote a tune, for godless existentialism.”






One response to “Steve Martin: Atheists Just Sing the Blues”

  1. Ted K Avatar

    He’s got a new book out. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s anything of substance or just another celebrity who is good at just one thing trying to convince us he’s good at another. I thought “Shopgirl” was extremely overrated, and he reminds me of Dennis Miller in that his material sometimes isn’t that great but everyone’s afraid not to nod, wink, and chuckle for fear that they won’t be perceived as “getting it”. I think he’s good at physical comedy, writing comedy material, and MAYBE improv comedy (he’s usually quick with a retort). But as far as being a great banjo player, or being a screenwriter, I think “we” are leaning on our name recognition a little too much there.