You Gotta Give Reagan Credit

He delivered faster growth than any other Republican president.

growth by president

But then again…

A Few Graphs Describing the Reagan Presidency | Angry Bear.






2 responses to “You Gotta Give Reagan Credit”

  1. ramster Avatar

    Without reading Presimetrics, it’s hard to know how carefully they shade their conclusions. I don’t blame Bush Jr. for the financial crisis, nor Reagan for the 1980s recession, though both events happened on their watch. So who’s to say that Reagan was in any way responsible for that growth? Could have been a combination of business cycles, Fed policy, or just random events.

    And I’ll bet a big contributor to the Reagan deficit was reduced tax receipts from the recession. Again, just a hunch.

  2. jkljkljk Avatar

    Yeah, gotta look at the long term. i.e.:

    Notice the inflection point: 1981.

    The inflection point on GDP growth and median income came a bit earlier, but it has been strongly exaggerated since ’80.