“Anybody else have a question besides this guy?”

PAWLENTY: I like Paul Ryan’s plan directionally. I don’t think it’s fully filled out in terms of the fact that we still have to address Social Security and when we issue our plan later in this process, it will have some differences[…]

VOLSKY: Do you support the Medicare cuts in his plan that he keeps from Obamacare?

PAWLENTY: Anybody else have a question besides this guy?

Just can’t make this stuff up…

via Wonk Room » Pawlenty Dodges Question About Paul Ryan’s Medicare Cuts.



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One response to ““Anybody else have a question besides this guy?””

  1. Dave Raithel Avatar

    I’m bothered by little things. For example: People who turn adjectives into other adjectives, as in: “plan directionally” rather than “directional plan”; though the speaker (probably) thinks he’s using an adverb, as in “ate hungrily.” Or not, as clearly, “plan” functions as a noun. So just what is a “plan directionally”? Most the time, I am confused by what Teabaggers say, literally, and I have to interpret what I suspect they mean. It is as if English is their second language; yet they complain about the public schools ….

    And no, I am not an English major.