John McCain Pledges to Eradicate Government

John McCain has promised to balance the federal budget by 2013.

He's also pledged to enact a tax plan that will deliver a budget deficit of $650 billion dollars in 2013.

Just to give these numbers a little perspective:

2013 Projected Outlays
Agriculture $120 billion
Commerce $9 billion
Education $86 billion
Energy $30 billion
HUD $66 billion
Interior $14 billion
DOJ $32 billion
Labor $14 billion
Transportation $87 billion
Treasury $84 billion
EPA $9 billion
TOTAL $551 billion

"Drown it in a bathtub," indeed.






3 responses to “John McCain Pledges to Eradicate Government”

  1. Scott Avatar

    I just found your blog and love it. In the chart above, where you point out the numbers on the McCain spending plan, you did not include a huge portion of the federal budget, namely the Dept. of Defense. I’m not sure what the numbers around that are, but I would bet they’re substantial. I would be curious to see Obama’s numbers for comparison.

  2. Steve Roth Avatar

    Thanks, Scott! The latest budget doc from the white house puts 2008 defense spending at $607 billion. I don’t think McCain is proposing that we pay for his tax cuts by eliminating that… I’m unclear, also, whether this includes “emergency” appropriations for the wars–don’t think so. As for Obama, he’s only said that by winding down the war in Iraq (while ramping up some in Afghanistan), we’ll see some big savings. Iraq is running $10 billion a month these days in direct costs–not counting decades of caring for veterans, or macroeconomic effects from *not* spending on infrastructure and education…

  3. Frenchie Avatar

    This shows real expertise. Thanks for the aesnwr.