Rick Perry Got a D in Principles of Economics

His last semester of college. He was only taking one other course.

GPA: 2.22

Rick Perrys Texas A&M Transcript.






6 responses to “Rick Perry Got a D in Principles of Economics”

  1. Foppe Avatar

    Given how bad most economics curricula are, that would almost count in his favor. 😉

  2. Dave Raithel Avatar

    Where are the grades he got for “Principles and Practices of Patronage, Simony, and Sinecure”?

  3. nanute Avatar

    As soon as the instructor mentioned the name Keynes, all was lost.

  4. Ted K Avatar
    Ted K

    Oh, come on now, Rick Perry has loads of knowledge on Economics. I’m not sure, but I think his doctoral thesis was elasticity of demand for porn videos:



    In fairness to Rick Perry, I think he funded the distribution of porn before lecturing Americans they should pray more often. Maybe we were supposed to pray the porn he invested in was distributed without product damage??? This much I know, before Gov. Perry invested in the distribution of Porn he was the Texas Chairman for Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 1988.

    Also, Bank of America really wants to “help” Rick Perry.

    And Perry thinks the oil and gas industry can’t hold its own pants up without the help of “big government”.

    If I’m forgetting anything let me know. I mean I think it’s interesting that of the two parties which lecture us on how important family values are, neither one cares that their lead candidate invested $5,000—$10,000 of his spare money in porn distribution.

    Rick Perry also makes feminine gestures with his hands, and there have been perennial rumors he’s homosexual: http://rt.com/usa/news/gay-rick-perry-campaign/

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Rick Perry called Ben Bernanke “treasonous” and said “we’d treat him pretty ugly in Texas”

    Other than that, Rick Perry is a super cool guy, and I’d trust him with his finger on the atomic button. Obviously, not the type of person to waver or be all over the place in his opinions.

  5. Asymptosis Avatar

    Nice rundown of the negatives, Ted. (Though the gay bit is not one I would support anyone using.) You should have a blog!

  6. Ted K Avatar

    I guess the part about the blog was said/typed tongue in cheek?? I do have a blog. Nobody ever reads it, so I prefer making blathering smart ass comments on others’ blogs.

    As far as the gay thing, there are still tons of Christians in this country who are against homosexuality, and when you run for President, you give up that privacy, and it becomes “open season”. Those who feel that it’s substantive have the right to know for their voting decision.

    What guys like you often forget, maybe you’re too busy checking all the boxes of the party platform to prove to whoever (yourself??) that you’re the “democrat of democrats” or liberal of liberals, is even gays themselves might want to know. Gays might want to vote for the dumb basturd. Gays might want it out in the open so it makes it less of a social stigma. Gays might want it out so people can see what a hypocrite he is. How many gays would have changed their vote (from “yes” to “no” or “no” to “yes”) if they had known Senator Larry Craig of Idaho was as gay as they come and was passing anti-gay legislation????

    California Gov. Jerry Brown is a perfect example. He is either gay or bisexual (I lean towards him being gay, but I’m sure in my own mind is either one or the other). Jerry Brown was my first vote I had ever cast in the presidential primaries many years ago, and I suspected it even as I voted for him, and to this day I don’t regret that vote. I wanted to vote for Paul Tsongas, but he didn’t get on the ballot in my state. I think Jerry Brown a good guy basically. But it pisses me off he had a sexual partner on the Cali Gov payroll in his first go around as Cali. Governor. That gets back to truth-telling and it could also lead to blackmail if they want to keep it secret bad enough. Still to this day Jerry tries to put up a “front”, kissing whatever is current. He had relationships with 2 celebrities which is another common gay “stunt” as it makes it more high-profile to kill inevitable rumors. My guess is (it is only a guess) Jacques Barzaghi is the longest relationship he has had in his life. IF Jacques Barzaghi is the longest, you connect the dots. (Barzaghi has had SIX wives)

    I don’t give a damn, but they either need to keep their mouth shut, come out, don’t stay in the closet and pass anti-gay laws, tell the truth, don’t get married to someone they don’t love. It’s not that complicated in my book—all those things equate to DON”T BE A HYPOCRITE or a LIAR Rick Perry fails in every item.

    You can be gay and say “I am a Christian”. I can’t stop anyone from claiming that. It’s kind of like starting all your campfires with a ZIPPO lighter, being allergic to trees, and saying “I’m a Boy Scout”.