Who Does the Senate Listen To? The Poor, the Middle Class, or the Rich?

Here’s an analysis that’s somewhat dated, but that I came across and found interesting. Data from Larry Bartels (PDF).

At least during that time period, Senators of all stripes (in aggregate at least) simply ignored the opinions of low-income people. The correlations aren’t just small; they’re negative across the board.

Democrats at least pay attention to middle-class opinions — even more than high-income opinions.

Republicans — judging by their voting record in this period — only care about the opinions of high-income people. And they really, really, really care about those opinions.







One response to “Who Does the Senate Listen To? The Poor, the Middle Class, or the Rich?”

  1. Ted K Avatar

    Not too surprising, but reaffirming, it is not just our imagination, to have it confirmed by a Princeton Professor. I didn’t look at how he compiled the statistics, but beings that is probably one of the 5 top schools in our nation, I’ll take him on his honor. I suppose Republicans would argue that those who pay more taxes SHOULD have more say, but it’s not the simple when you consider for example the 400 best-off taxpayers of the year 2007 (the most recent year the numbers are available) only paid an average of 16.6% if their income in federal income taxes.